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3-Step Aquaponics

Plant your seed, Feed your fish, and Harvest !!!

Evergreen Lane Farm is the Philadelphia region authorized distributor and installer of the 3-Step Aquaponics System.

64 plant 4'x4' aquaponic kit

64 plant 4’x4′ aquaponic kit

The 3-Step Aquaponic system is a modular and easily expandable system.  A 64-plant 4’x4′ system can be converted to a 128-plant 4’x8′ system by adding 2 frame side-pieces and getting a longer liner.

The kit shown is the smallest at 4’x4′. It holds 64 plants with the two 32-plant supplied rafts. Each raft is 2’x4′ in size.  Optional 2’x’2′ 55-hole rafts are available and two of these can be used in place of one of the standard 2’x4′ rafts.

Using gravity, water is drained from the fish tank into a media bed. Here, beneficial bacteria break down the toxic ammonia in fish waste, converting it to Nitrite, and then to Nitrogen, a key nutrient for plant development. This naturally-filtered water is then pumped to the grow troughs. 


Plant grown in Aquaponic system

The water is wicked up to the crops roots with the help of coir, a by-product of coconut shells and a sustainable replacement for peat moss, since no soil is used. Finally, the water flows from the growing beds back into the tank of fish.

Benefits of the 3-Step System offered by Evergreen Lane Farm:

  • Our efficient pump uses less electricity compared to competing systems and cost pennies a day.
  • Our system is portable and easy to move – inside or out.
  • Our system takes up little space and is low-maintenance compared to conventional systems
  • Within our service area, installation is available for any of our systems (at an additional fee)
  • Kit parts are food-safe.
  • Kit sizes range from entry-level 64-plant to 100′ long commercial systems. Existing kits can be expanded by simply extending the length by adding frame extensions and longer liner
  • First-class customer service; Evergreen Lane Farm support is available at no additional cost for trouble-shooting any system-related problems by phone or email. We stand behind our kits and will replace any defective part ASAP.

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