Aquaponic Specialist

Shipping Policy

Evergreen Lane Farm ships your purchased items via UPS.  Grow pucks can be sent UPS ground.  Aquaponic kits and rafts are sent UPS freight.  Evergreen Lane Farm makes every effort to ship your items within 3 days of payment.  Should unforeseen events result in a shipping delay, Evergreen Lane Farm shall not be held liable to the Purchaser for any delay.  In the event that bad weather or the failure of one of Evergreen Lane Farm’s suppliers to deliver to us causes a delay in shipping your items, we will notify you of this delay as soon as we are aware of it.

Evergreen Lane Farm shall not be responsible for loss or damage incurred during transportation and/or installation.  The Product will be shipped by UPS (unless you are picking it up).  In accordance with federal law, once the common carrier picks up your Product, accessories, and optional equipment from Evergreen Lane Farm, the Product, accessories and equipment become your property, and they no longer are the property of Evergreen Lane Farm.  The common carrier becomes totally responsible and liable for the safe and proper handling and delivery of your Product, as well as its timely delivery.  Upon delivery please make sure that the shipment is satisfactory.  This means that you must thoroughly inspect the shipment once you receive it, make note of any damage, and make note of any errors or missing items on the bill of lading.  If items are damaged, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the carrier.  You must notify Evergreen Lane Farm of shortages within 7 days of receipt of shipment or any such claims shall be waived.

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