Aquaponic Specialist

Aquaponic FAQ List

Are there many problems with the water or air pumps?

No, the air pumps and water pumps will run for years and years as long as you keep the filters clean. Once a week, you need to brush the water filter off. For the air pumps, there is a filter on the bottom that needs to be removed & cleaned every few months. One reason that people have problems with water pumps is that they…

How difficult is it to maintain?

An aquaponics system, once it is set up, is very simple. Daily maintenance is feeding the fish, checking the plants for insects and making sure that all your pumps are running correctly.

What fish food alternatives are available?

We do not recommend feeding animal droppings to the fish. They may contain e-coli which may contaminate your system. The commercial fish food is cheap but probably contains GMO. Fishkis.com sells an organic, non GMO fish food. You can grow your own Duck Weed for fish food which is grown on the surface of the water of one of your tanks. You squeeze the water…

What is the most important aspect of aquaponics?

The most important aspect of aquaponics is to make sure to test your ammonia level in the water. If it rises quickly, you may have a dead fish in the system or you have an anaerobic root ball in one of the troughs.

What kind of fish do you recommend?

There are a lot of different kinds of fish that you can grow: Tilapia, Catfish, Trout, Bass. We recommend Tilapia if your climate is warm. They are a fast growing fish and do not acquire diseases very quickly and they can handle all kinds of bad water. The problem with Tilapia is that you have to keep the water temperature above 55 degrees. For a…

Where can I find fish?

The best place to start is craigslist.com. That means that it will be local and you will not have to pay shipping costs which can be expensive for fish. Some websites are www.tilapiadepot.com and one of the best websites for tilapia is www.fishkis.com.

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